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    Thank you for visiting us. StrictlyHis is a very small web design and hosting group that focuses on offering lowest cost solutions to churches and ministries. If you fit into one of those categories, and are looking for a little help getting started on the web, we would love to help.

    Our Mission and Passion

    We believe that churches and ministries in today's world need to utilize the internet to share the love of Christ to the world around them. We want to help these websites stand out in an online world where high quality websites are the norm. We also know that many smaller churches and ministries don't have the researches of larger bodies of believers to spend on this endeavor.

    This is why we do what we do, helping small churches and ministries with their online presence.

  2. Hosting Prices

    Hosting Prices

    It really doesn't take much to get your church or ministry up and running with a robust and fresh website. The design team at StrictlyHis will work with you in creating the look and feel that you want for your site.


    Initial Year Package

    $249.95 (savings of $210.95)

    First full year of web hosting ($149.95 value)
    Domain Name Registration ($12.95 value)
    Website Setup & Customization ($199.00 value)
    Free Hosting Support ($99.00 value)

    Maintenance Packages

    Maintenance packages are provided for those wanting to have the website updated on a schedule based on material that you are already publishing on a weekly or monthly basis. A maintenance package is not required to host with StrictlyHis, but are offered as a service.

    See avialable packages on the next page by clicking the arrow to the right.

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    Weekly Updates

    $99.95 per month

    Monthly Updates

    49.95 per month

    Maintenance Services by the Hour

    $40 per hour

    Both of the update packages require a monthly email or digital publication from the customer, for example a monthly newsletter or Sunday bulletin, with all of the information required for updating the site. Photos are also required to be provided by the customer. Photos can be shared via Google Drive, email, or DropBox.

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    Other Services

    Annual Hosting - $99.95
    (includes Domain Registration)

    Monthly Hosting - $9.95
    Annual Domain Name Registration - $12.95
    Domain Transfer Fee - $24.95
    Website Setup & Customization - $199.00
    Website Maintenance - $40 per hour

    Ready to Get Started

    Contact us to get the conversation started regarding your new website!

    Importance of a Church Website

    " I sense that many church leaders are underestimating the value of a great website. It should be a mandatory investment of all churches at a reasonable price. And the price is too great to pay if your church does not have a website. "
    Thom Rainer

  3. Social Media

    Assistance with Social Media

    One would think that Social media is the easiest way to get your church or ministry on the internet. However, doing social media the right way is just as important as having a good website.

    Social Media Packages

    Getting social media setup correctly can give you the piece of mind that you are being represented properly and that you are making the right impression.

    Setup Basic Social Media - $49.95
    (includes any of the service listed on the left)

    Google SEO - $99.95
    This package helps your ministry rank better in Google searches. We will help you understand the importance of titles on your website and give you eveything you need to get the best ranking possible.
  4. Google Apps

    Google Apps

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    We would love to help you with your church or ministry website. Please fill out the form below and express your interest in getting started. We will contact you with some steps that will get you on your way. If you have any questions, please let us know. We look forward to serving your ministry.


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